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This is one the boost framework I had already started using a few times in the past.  A good CRC generator is often handy, and I figured if boost is providing one, why look somewhere else?

I won’t go in much details as it is quite a straightforward system.  You simply define a CRC accumulator of the size and features you want, then you simply feed it with data.

Here’s a simple example to generate a 32-bits CRC from a string:

#include <boost/crc.hpp>
const string kTest1("Hello World!!!\n");
const string kTest2("This is a second string...");

boost::crc_32_type  result;

result.process_bytes( kTest1.c_str(), kTest1.length() );
cout << "After one string: " << result.checksum() << endl;

result.process_bytes( kTest2.c_str(), kTest2.length() );
cout << "After two string: " << result.checksum() << endl;


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