For years now I have been a fan of the C++ Boost Library.  It contains a tremendous amount of utility classes and templates that are just begging to be used.  The problem is, because of its shear size, I only end up using the same few frameworks.  Once in a while I would go through the list of its components, marvel at them, then quickly forget about it.

This project is a mean for myself to go through every single frameworks, comprehend them, then come up with a small code snippet to use them.  I hope by going through this process to assimilate and retain their existences in a more effective way.

Then I thought, why not make a public blog out of it?  Surely, other people might be interested in learning the Boost library, and I intend to write it in a concise and approachable way.  Hopefully, this blog will become a way to peek at a quick overview for each and every parts of the library. It will be some sort of a “travel journal” if you will.  One of the great aspect of a public blog is, if I ever get something wrong, someone somewhere can leave a comment and rectify my error.

I intend to learn/cover a few topics a week, in alphabetical order.  I’ll see how it goes.

As a warning note, English is a second language for me, and so I hope my guests will not take offense of my (occasional?) syntax goofs.

Steve Vallee
Software Engineer
Griptonite Games

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